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Modern Dance


The Modern Dance Club hopes to inculcate in our dancers a love for the arts, a spirit of teamwork and responsibility as well as commitment to whatever they do. Through dance, the values of group work, mutual respect, tolerance and continuous progress towards perfection are inculcated.

Highlights and Achievements

In 2018, we embarked on dance therapy sessions with Woodlands Minds Gardens School to serve the community. Simple dance therapy movements were taught to the students from Minds Home. Through the interactions, the dancers were able to develop an empathy and compassion for the physically and mentally less privileged students in Singapore.

The dancers also performed during the GRC Banquet that is hosted in Canberra Secondary School. With the guidance from the instructors, the dancers discussed and came up with a theme to showcase the values of the school during the GRC Banquet performance. 

The club has also been given the opportunity to perform in the North West Youth Concert 2018 that is organized by Northwest Community Development Council (CDC). The concert is organized with the aim of raising $200,000 towards our North West Student Support Fund (SSF).

The dancers had went through several rehearsals and contributed to the fund raising event at Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 20 th July 2018. The dancers also participated in the Super 24 competition, which
comprises of dancing within an 8 by 8 metre square, performing a strictly 90-second routine. To add to these challenges, Super 24 diverges from normal dance competition practice of “front view” judging,
and introduces 4-sided judging, where no area will be left uncovered, no action unnoticed. They developed teamwork during the course of practice and came out more resilient.

Teachers-In-Charge : Ms Uma Gaitre
Mr Chen Jialiang
Training Days / Time : Monday and Wednesday
3pm - 6pm

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