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Total Defence Day Total Defence Day

On 15 February 2019, our school commemorated Total Defence Day. This is to remind staff and students when Singapore fell into the hands of Japanese on 15 February 1942 and of what could happen to us if we cannot defend Singapore ourselves, and to strengthen our resolve to keep Singapore safe, secure, and sovereign. The theme for 2019's Total Defence campaign - "Together We Keep Singapore Strong" - focuses on the many ways we can put Total Defence into action in our everyday lives.

National Day Celebrations National Day Celebrations

On 8th August 2018, the whole school came together to celebrate the nation’s birthday, dressed in our national colours - red and white. The morning started with a parade segment put together by the concerted efforts of the teachers and students from band, AVA and uniform groups. Their countless practices and drills were evident as they completed the parade segment with pride and confidence.

Teachers prepared their classes by singing the numerous national day songs from the 2018 theme song to ‘Home’ to ‘Count on me, Singapore’. The school came together in the hall to celebrate through a concert put together by the National Education team of teachers and students, themed – ‘We are Singapore’. This skit showcased some of the past events in Singapore’s history where Singaporeans showed resilience and togetherness as we emerge stronger after each crisis – SARs, passing of our found father, Mr LKY etc.

The celebrations concluded with a light-hearted sing-along of a medley of the national day songs, and a NE message that ‘Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong’.

Racial Harmony Day Racial Harmony Day

This year, the CCE Committee collaborated with the Malay unit and Sec 3 Cohort staff and students to commemorate Racial Harmony Day and to celebrate Hari Raya. In line with the theme, “Unity In Diversity”, activities were planned to celebrate Singapore as a harmonious  society built on a rich diversity of culture and for our students to understand the importance of maintaining racial and religious equality.

The celebrations for RHD started with staff and students donning ethnic costumes to school. During CCE lessons, the students were engaged in a discussion on comtemporary issues. The students were in for a treat when the Sec 3 cohort teachers and staff put up a skit and dikir barat performce during the assembly programme! All in all, both staff and students enjoyed themselves yet understood that they should not enjoyed the peace for granted and continue to build good relations, respect and embrace our diversity.

International Friendship Day International Friendship Day

The school celebrated International Friendship Day (IFD) on 6th April 2018. The objectives of this year’s IFD are:

✢    To engage our students to understand the cultural diversity of communities in Asia and the value of maintaining good relationships with our neighbours in the region.

✢    To show respect for our international friends who have contributed to Singapore’s economic success.

✢    To be grateful for the good relationships with our friends from different countries and show appreciation for our international friends.

In an effort to show appreciation to our international friends (migrant workers) for their contributions to Singapore, the school collaborated with Northoaks Primary School to contribute apples to treat the migrants who work in the Sembawang Community. To deepen the students’ understanding and appreciation towards our migrant workers, representative from Migrant Workers Centre also shared with our students on their contributions and challenges faced by migrant workers, expats and new citizens. Through these activities, our students learnt to appreciate these unsung heroes and we are hopeful that our students will demonstrate our school values of gratitude and respectful towards these migrant workers.


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