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International Friendship Day 2019

The school celebrated International Friendship Day (IFD) on 6th 
Collaboration with Northoaks Primary 2.JPG
April 2019. The objectives of this year’s IFD are:
To engage our students to understand the cultural diversity of communities in Asia and the value of maintaining good relationships with our neighbours in the region.
To show respect for our international friends who have contributed to Singapore’s economic success. 
To be grateful for the good relationships with our friends from different countries and show appreciation for our international friends. 

Appreciating our international friends 1.JPGIn an effort to show appreciation to our international friends (migrant workers) for their contributions to Singapore, the school collaborated with Northoaks Primary School to contribute apples to treat the migrants who work in the Sembawang Community. To deepen the students’ understanding and appreciation towards our migrant workers, representative from Migrant 
Workers Centre also shared with our students on their contributions and challenges faced by migrant workers, expats and new citizens. Through these activities, our students learnt to appreciate these unsung heroes and we are hopeful that our students will demonstrate our school values of gratitude and respectful towards these migrant workers.

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