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North West CDC Outstanding School Partner Award 2020
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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)


NCDCC’s curriculum focuses mainly on Triangle of Life Skills which include basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED. These are important lifesaving skills that can make a difference to save a life in times of needs.

Canberra Secondary School's NCDCC unit is established in the year 2019 as a new and dynamic platform to nurture character and leadership development for our students. The objectives are to provide life skills such as first-aid training and fire safety, while instilling the values of a uniformed group discipline and togetherness. 

In alignment with the aims of our HQ NCDCC and our parent organisation SCDF, Canberra Secondary School's NCDCC will seek to nurture and develop our youths into resilient and responsible citizens through innovative and challenging CD activities. It is a choice Uniformed Group (UG) that equips our youths with life-savings skills for challenging times ahead.

Teachers-In-Charge : Ms Chun Kai Xin
Ms Filzah Nadiah Zainal Abidin
Ms Ginny Teh
Mr Muhammad Asyraf Khalid
Training Days / Time : Friday, 2.30pm – 6pm