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Guzheng Ensemble


The Guzheng Ensemble aims to allow members to experience and develop an interest in music making and appreciation. In addition, members are also equipped with the skills and techniques to perform for various events and competitions. Through these performances, members not only learn the importance of team spirit, they also become more confident.

The main focus this year is to prepare and groom our juniors for the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation next year. Despite the intense training schedule, our member have remained positive and motivated. Through the training sessions, our members have forged stronger bonds as
they work towards a common goal. 

We also embarked on the Share-A-Pot project since Term 3, as our VIA. Share-A-Pot is a community-based project to improve the nutrition and fitness of community-dwelling seniors. In this project, seniors meet at centres within their own community to exercise and enjoy a bowl of nutritious soup together. At the same time, they built strong bonds of friendship. We are happy to serve the seniors at Sunlove Senior Activity Centre (Golden Saffron).

Teachers-In-Charge : Ms Ma Lijuan
Ms Shannon Loh
Training Days / Time : Monday and Wednesday
3pm - 6pm

The Guzheng EnsembleGuzheng performance