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Craft & Technology

Vision: Synergy towards a Healthy & Innovative Department

Mission: To develop Canberrans into Healthy, Innovative and Enterprising Learners


At the Lower Secondary level, students are provided the opportunities to explore a range of media. The basic knowledge of drawing, colouring, painting and sculpture enhance students' understanding and appreciation of art in different perspectives.

Upper Secondary Art Elective Programme aims to provide a comprehensive and exciting Art education, which helps to nurture students' creative and critical thinking skills as well as to develop their sense of confidence through self-expression and involvement in exploration through experimentations.

In the four-five years of Art education, students have the chance to be exposed to experiences beyond the classroom through activities such as:

  • T shirt Competition for Sec 2 Cohort Camp 2014 for all Sec 2 students
  • Sculpture Programme for Sec 1 (Enrichment Programme)
  • Art and Music programme for Sec 2 (Enrichment Programme)
  • National Gallery Art Talk at School Hall (for all levels)
  • Young Illustrator Awards (Online competition for all levels)
  • Visit to Lasalle Open House on 17Jan
  • Participating in Singapore Youth Festival(SYF) 2014
  • 5th CAE Art Auction 2014 -Art Exhibition cum Art Auction

➢ Raised a total of $1000 towards ChildAid, distributed equally between The Strait Times School Pocket Money Fund as well as The Business Times Budding Artists Fund

  • Visit to Singapore Youth Festival 2014 Art Exhibition
  • Void Deck Revamp @ Teck Ghee
  • Yellowren Canvas Art School Competition; Inter-School (On-the-spot Art competition)

➢ Honorable Mention Award ($20 Starbucks Gift Card X5) &
➢ Gold Award (Trophy and $1500 cash)
• Batik painting (Enrichment Programme for Sec 3)

Design and Technology

The Design and Technology unit looks into the holistic development of the students by providing ample learning opportunities for all staff and students in the areas of design appreciation, designing innovative products and executing the making of the product.

In 2014, the staff embarked on learning journeys to ArtScience Museum and attended the D&T Conference and cluster sharing sessions as well as sessions oganised by the Design & Technology Educator Society (DTES).

To further facilitate their skill in Exploration of Ideas, students are exposed to sharing sessions conducted by cluster D&T teachers. Computer Aided Design (CAD) course was organised for students to give them an edge in presentation skill.

The students attended the Singapore Polytechnic Earthquake and Clean Water Energy competition. The latter event allowed our students to apply their understanding on structural technology and heighten their awareness in environmental issue.

Elain The Yue Ling (3E3), Janelle Teo Kit Yin (3E3), Nurul Syaza Bye Mohammad Al i(3E3), Tan Yan Ni Annie (3E3), took part in the Modular Lamp Competition jointly organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Building & Construction Authority. The student had an opportunity to learn more about green buildings and how they contribute to a better environment. The Saturday spent at Ngee Ann Polytechnic gave the students a first-hand opportunity of a tertiary institute.

The students also attended the Marketing Innovation Challenge 2014 organised by the Republic Polytechnic. This competition gave the students an understanding of market centric approach, meeting of consumer needs and innovation as value driver for enhancing users' experience.

Food and Nutrition

Hands-on activities through practical cooking and investigative food science experiments such as the effect of the amount of flour on baked products allowed our students to develop critical and logical thinking as they analyse, interpret and establish validity of the experimental data.

Enrichment workshops are organised to enhance students' learning and widen their exposure in the subject. Our Secondary 3 students attended a Baking Investigative Hands-On Workshop that was conducted by Baking Industry Training Centre (BITC). The workshop provided students an opportunity for better understanding of the baking ingredients and function in baking. The session consisted of short related theory and demonstration cum instructions on practical pastry-making procedures by a trainer followed by a hands-on session in the BITC workshop. At the end of the session, students evaluated their baked product, Apple Strudel, and troubleshot the bakery faults.