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Design and Technology

Design & Technology (D&T) Education aims to nurture in the students a way of thinking and doing - designerly dispositions that are inherent in design practices - through designing and making. Central to this learning is the design process that requires students to apply basic design and technology knowledge and design thinking skills. The design process consists of a set of stages that takes students from a design opportunity to a product solution to address user needs based on real-world contexts.
Through this learning platform, students undertake a series of projects progressively to consolidate their learning and to acquire new knowledge and skills. These projects range from teacher-controlled structured projects to student-driven open-ended projects that are based on real-world contexts.
In Canberra Secondary School, the D&T unit looks into the holistic development of the students by providing ample learning opportunities for all staff and students in the areas of design appreciation, designing innovative products and executing the making of the product.

As part of the professional development, the staff embarked on learning journeys to ArtScience Museum and attended the D&T Conference and cluster sharing sessions as well as sessions organised by the Design & Technology Educator Society (DTES) where they bounced ideas with teachers within the same fraternity.

To further facilitate their skill in Exploration of Ideas, students are exposed to sharing sessions conducted by cluster D&T teachers. Computer Aided Design (CAD) course was organised for students to give them an edge in presentation skill.

The students also participated in the Singapore Polytechnic Earthquake and Clean Water Energy competition. The event allowed our students to apply their understanding on structural technology and heighten their awareness in environmental issue.

The students also attended the Marketing Innovation Challenge organised by the Republic Polytechnic. This competition gave the students an understanding of market centric approach, meeting of consumer needs and innovation as value driver for enhancing users' experience.