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Nutrition and Food Science

In Canberra, students gain rich experiences participating in an array of activities such as culinary arts workshops and investigative food science experiments. These activities provide them with opportunities to develop culinary skills as well as critical and logical thinking skills.

Real life problem-based learning and inquiry-based learning are infused in the curriculum to bring about self-directed learning in our students. For example, students explore the relationship between diet and health and the authentic task is aligned to the national directive to address the prevalence of diabetes in Singapore. The students applied the concept learnt to create interesting and nutritious dishes for family members with diabetes concern. Their application of knowledge and culinary skills demonstrates the students’ grateful acts in preparing dishes for their loved ones and their ability to empathize and respect the dietary needs of the concerned family members.

To support a viable post-secondary education in the Food and Beverage industry, enrichment workshops conducted by culinary institutes are arranged for the upper secondary students. Under the guidance of teachers and industry experts, our students learnt the art of culinary such as bread pastry making through a series of interactive activities; delving into flour technology and other culinary baking fundamentals. These workshops allow students to gain and deepen insights in skills, process and products of the Food and Beverage industry.