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English Language & Literature

Department Vision: Empathetic Communicator, Discerning Reader & Creative Inquirer

We believe in using engaging activities and programmes to motivate students to do well in English Language and Literature and develop a love for these subjects.

Here in Canberra, there is a myriad of interesting activities and programmes to develop our students’ language abilities and cultivate their interest in the language. Our students have been involved in many activities which aimed to prepare them to be effective communicators who read widely and have a creative and critical mind. Beyond just pen and paper assessment and assignments, there are alternative forms of assessment which involve the use of ICT tools. Students have rich opportunities to apply their language learning in authentic, real world tasks through carrying out performance tasks and projects. To develop fluency in writing and a reflective cast of mind, students are also involved in journal writing and writing portfolios. All Lower Secondary students are involved in a speech and drama programme to build a greater confidence in projecting their voice and using body language to speak confidently.

Our literature programme for the students is equally exciting. It aims to cultivate a keen and critical appreciation of literature and literary language. Through the study of literary texts in different genres (poetry, prose and drama) and written by a variety of authors (local and foreign), students learn to perceive the world from different perspectives and better appreciate the richness of human experience. They also respond closely and critically to the writers’ use of literary techniques and in so doing gain a deeper understanding of the power and potential of language to challenge the mind and move the heart.

EL-1.jpg EL-4.jpg
Our Principal with the winners of the Book Trailer Sec 2 students smiling brightly after a workshop by Act3
EL-6.jpg EL-3.jpg
Students participating in an activity as part of their Speech and Drama Workshop Sec 1 students at the Speech and Drama Workshop
Our Lower Sec Normal (Technical) students at the cinema
Our students at National Schools Literature Festival