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Vision  Every Canberran an engaged learner and a responsible citizen

Mission  To inspire and create opportunities for students to be engaged learners of Humanities

The teachers work together to discuss, plan and facilitate engaging lessons for students in Canberra. Strategies such as collaborative learning, group work, mind-mapping, and discussion are employed to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Students are also involved in activities that allow them to learn beyond the textbook as ICT and out of class learning experiences are used to help students inquire deeper into the subject.

Students also go on local field trips so that they can apply classroom learning to real life situations. Overseas learning journeys to countries like Vietnam and Bali help them learn about the history and geography of the foreign lands and experience the richness of their cultures.

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Viewing video clips
Class debates
.2017hum3.jpg .2017hum4.jpg
Data collection at the museum
Consolidating data collected
.2017hum5.jpg .2017hum6.jpg
Craft work in Bali
Rice planting in Bali
.2017hum7.jpg .2017hum8.jpg
Rice field experience in Bali
Field sketching
.2017hum9.jpg .2017hum10.jpg
Analysing data collected
Data collection at Botanic Garden
2017hum11.jpg 2017hum12.jpg
Data collection at Kampong Glam
Land use survey at Kampong Glam