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Information & Communications Technology

Our School ICT Vision:

All Canberrans are engaged and effective learners

Our School ICT Goals:

  1. To support students in achieving their academic aspirations through the pervasive use of ICT and developing 21st CC skills in our students.
  2. To build capacity of staff in designing and using ICT effectively in lessons.
  3. To educate our students to be responsible users of technology and cultivate good character.

Canberrans believe in the concept of 'Students First', 'Teachers the Key' while 'Leading with a Purpose'. Canberra Secondary through its competent teachers aims to train our students to be comfortable with the use digital media application software such as Animoto, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Powtoon, Stop Motion video and many others to produce animated clips, great photos exhibits, video clips and e-albums. Such activities have enhanced the holistic development of our students and some have shared our best practices in designing and delivering such programmes to our visitors and at cluster activities.

With a systematic approach, individual department heads will plan and emphasize on various aspects of integrating Basic ICT skills into the instructional curriculum that have a more natural fit in their subjects, topics and activities. Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) is an important and unique knowledge that the school is trying to equip the teachers with, enabling them to purposefully align curriculum, pedagogies, assessment and technologies in all areas. One of the highlights is the use of digital media in the curriculum of Secondary 1 and 2 modular Science. Students had many opportunities to express their learning using digital photography and videography. On top of that, students also learn to collaborate using Web 2.0 apps like Google Docs, Bloggers and Facebook, allowing them to exchange ideas, giving feedback and to continuously improve on their projects.

All students in their stay in Canberra Secondary are provided with 2 years of foundation and intermediate courses in emerging ICT tools (beyond baseline ICT standards) with the Sec 1s learning photography and Sec 2s learning videography. We want to equip and expose our students to the basics in the use of digital media as a medium to express their ideas and to create artefacts that could show their learning. By integrating ICT into the main curriculum time-table, the school has enabled Canberrans a pervasive and extensive use of ICT tools in their learning even from home and to prepare them for a challenging future workforce with Life-Long Learning skills. The intention is to immerse students in the world of digital media that can enhance the holistic development of our students.

Integrating ICT into curriculum
Integrating ICT into curriculum
Learning from online resources
Learning from online resources

Express learning using digital photography and videography
Express learning using digital photography and videography
Using digital media in Science
Using digital media in Science