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Department Vision: Every child a self-directed problem solver with a passion for Mathematics.

About The Department:

"We can calculate but we are not calculative!"

This is our department teachers’ belief and our culture of gratitude and mutual respect in the department. Teachers are the most invaluable resource in the department and we constantly strive to improve ourselves so that our students can benefit from our knowledge. We also have a culture of sharing as we recognise that it is important to support one another in the department. It is a common understanding that our students are able to seek help from any Mathematics teachers in the school, not just their own teachers. We are not calculative about helping one another for the good of our students. In our school, our students are always able to count on us to provide the guidance.

Our Programmes:

There is a variety of programmes planned each year to foster the joy of learning and to expose students to the learning of mathematics beyond the classrooms. Some of our programmes which have been successfully carried out in the past years include Mathematics Trails, performance task, maths video presentation, Maths Excellence Programme and e-learning. The department is now working on exploring differentiated instructions for students’ learning in the Students Learning Space.

Some of our achievements in the past three years include:

Competitions / Year  2016  2017 2018
Singapore Secondary Maths for Normal Stream Team Awards:

Individual Awards:
6th , 12th and 20th
Team Awards:
2nd for NA
2nd for NT

Individual Awards:
1st, 2nd, 8th and 18th
Team Awards:
1st for Lower Sec NT
3rd for Upper Sec NT

Individual Awards:
6th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 17th
Singapore and Asean Schools Maths Olympiad (SASMO)
2 Silver
2 Bronze
2 Silver
6 Bronze
2 Silver
2 Bronze