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Physical Education

Vision: All Canberrans living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mission: To equip our students with sports knowledge and skills and to inculcate in them good values and the right attitude so as to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Organisation Chart

Ms Jenny Soh HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics

Mr Ryan Wong SH PE/CCA

Mr Lok Chee How Mr Whelan Chen Mr Tan Pang Lim Mr Khairul Anwar

Teaching and Learning

Our students go through the following sports and games throughout the year.

Sec 1


Ultimate Frisbee

Olympic Education

Sec 2




Sec 3


Touch Rugby

Olympic Education

Sec 4



Sec 5


Elective Games

Olympic Education

Key Programmes

Annual Sports Fest

The Sports Fest is one of the highlights of our Physical Education and health promotion efforts, and is eagerly anticipated by all our students. Through this event, we inculcate the values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence, while allowing our students to compete in a friendly environment. All our classes were well-represented in the variety of sports and games available, affirming the school’s efforts in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

The focus of the Sports Fest is the participation in various activities. Students are free to sign up for the games they are interested in, and can compete together with their classmates against the other classes of their cohorts. This helps to promote class spirit and camaraderie amongst our students.

Well Being Programme

Our Well Being Programme consists of a session of physical activity once every fortnight. Students are given the opportunity to participate in various Team Invasion Games, or a run along the Park Connector Network just outside the school. Additionally, in 2014, Zumba was introduced as an opportunity to get all the students to exercise together. Students are encouraged to participate actively, and the Form Teachers of each class are also given the opportunity to bond with the students.

Inter-Class Games

As part of our National Day Celebrations, our students could participate in the following inter-class games:

Sec 1 – Captain’s Ball
Sec 2 – Football
Sec 3 – Floorball
Sec 4/5 – Ultimate Frisbee

Healthy Lifestyle Week

As part of the Healthy Lifestyle Week, a number of activities were organised for the students.

During their recess, students were engaged with a Book display organised by the Library Club, and were able to try out our Xbox Kinect Stations involving a variety of games that focused on physical movement.

After school, the students were engaged in cohort games where they could create their own groups within the cohort, and compete against other groups in a variety of games.

The Healthy Lifestyle Week culminated in a mass event where our students participated in a Zumba activity as part of ACES day.