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Physical Education

Vision: GRC Canberrans living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mission: To equip our students with sports knowledge and skills and to inculcate in them good values and the right attitude so as to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Organisation Chart

Ms Jenny Soh HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics

Mr Lok Chee How Mr Whelan Chen Mr Jack Chan Mr Tan Pang Lim Mr Khairul Anwar

Teaching and Learning

Our students go through the following sports and games throughout the year.

Sec 1

Outdoor Education

Sec 2

Outdoor Education

Sec 3

Touch Rugby
Outdoor Education

Sec 4

Olympic Education
Ultimate Frisbee
Elective Sport

Sec 5

Elective Games
Olympic Education

Key Programmes

Annual Sports Fest

The Sports Fest is one of the highlights of our Physical Education and health promotion efforts, and is eagerly anticipated by all our students. Through this event, we inculcate the values of Gratitude, Respect and Compassion, while allowing our students to compete in a friendly environment. All our classes were well-represented in the variety of sports and games available, affirming the school’s efforts in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

The focus of Sports Fest is participation in various activities. For 2018, we have made the games more inclusive through mixed gender competitions as well as a mass-participation Gratitude walk. Additionally, our teaching staff actively joined their classes in the games, which helped to promote class spirit and camaraderie amongst our students and staff.

In conjunction with Sports Fest, we also sought to give to the regional community by having a shoe collection drive. Our students and staff managed to collect more than 300 pairs shoes which were donated to our partner organisations as part of our Global Canberran Programme.

Outdoor Education

Our students go through a structured three year programme where their sens of adventure are engaged through the exploration of natural and urban environments.

Appropriate outdoor skills like orienteering, outdoor cooking, risk awareness and assessment are developed through physical activities. Additionally our students cultivate an attitude of care and appreciation for the environment, as well as thoughtful consideration of risks and safety of self and others.

Our students are progressively taught the outdoor skills they require, and this culminates with an adventure race in the Jelutung Harbour Park, one of the natural spaces which are near to our school.

Games Assessment

In line with our Mission to equip our students with sports knowledge and skills, we have incorporated meaningful assessment of the Sports and Games that are taught.

Students are assessed during authentic game situations, and they receive feedback on their areas for growth. Through this assessment, the students are better able to understand the different concepts and skills taught through the modules. This allows them improved gameplay and the opportunity to have a more enjoyable time playing the different games that they have been taught.

Starting with our Gratitude Walk
Starting with our Gratitude Walk

Enjoying Nature
Enjoying Nature

Team effort
Team effort
Intense competition
Intense competition

Having fun
Having fun
Teacher-Student bonding
Teacher-Student bonding