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Our Department Vision:  Achieve Academic Excellence with a Culture of Inquiry-based Learning for Science

Our Department Mission:  To nurture inquisitive, self-directed learners by instilling process skills & enabling them to link science to daily experiences.

The Science Department aims to engage students in the learning of science through the use of inquiry-based pedagogy to promote creativity and develop scientific inquiry. The department worked together collaboratively to conduct meaningful instructional and enrichment programmes to ignite their passion and interest for the love of Science. 

The Science Department implemented the modular approach for the lower secondary students. The core objective of this modular programme is to better engage our students in the learning of Science. This is achieved by consciously planning and giving students more opportunities to learn through a variety of hands-on activities and projects. A research module was also incorporated into the Sec 1 curriculum to allow students to solve problems using scientific methods.

The use of ICT to capture the learning processes in Science is implemented for Sec 1 Science. Using the Google Classroom platform, the department aims to encourage students to actively collect and reflect on their own learning experiences. The students have the opportunities to use digital photography and videography to capture their own experiments and to write about their learning on for the teacher to give formative feedback for further improvements. They are also given opportunities to use computers and mobile phones to search the internet and organise their own learning materials on top of the notes given to them. This is particularly interesting when students actively search for relevant YouTube videos and online materials to complement their own learning. Through the use of ICT, students have gained a greater ownership in their learning and they are more engaged when they have the choice to present their learning beyond the traditional pen and paper methods.