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Applied learning Programme


Canberra Secondary School ALP on Visual Arts and Design (VAD) is repositioned from our past strength in Digital Media. It is aligned to 21st Century Competencies Framework and to realise the vision of Every Canberran a Self-Directed Learner. We see VAD as a form of Aesthetics that helps our students to strike a balance between technical skills mastery with appreciation for the arts thus helping them in their holistic development. Our ALP incorporates learning in authentic setting, increased focus, alignment and integration as well as experiences and exposure to career prospects in VAD. The exposure in depth and breadth gives our students the opportunity to identify their aptitudes and interests, build their strengths, and make informed decisions on their education and career choices.

ALP is the Integration of Art curriculum and ICT curriculum which is inclusive of 2 tiers - Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 2 plus.

The 1 st Tier is acquisition of knowledge and its pervasive learning through all level. The secondary 1 Visual Art curriculum looks into preparing students with visual aesthetics and digital media skills. The secondary 2 Visual Art curriculum looks into equipping students with visual aesthetics and digital media skills. Besides having all sec 1 and 2 students undergo ALP curriculum, we also have our sec 3, 4 & 5 Artist-students (students who select Art as an elective in upper sec) coming on board in this programme. This group of upper sec students will use the knowledge that they had learnt in lower sec and apply in their Art curriculum.

In Tier 2, students will be considered as specialist and will focus on the application of skills. This group of students will be identified from sec 1, those who have been scoring well for both Art and ICT curriculum will be offered to join D igital M edia in Visual A rts (DMA) club. They will therefore undergo deeper engagement in digital media through visual art.

For tier 2 plus, we call it Mastery because this group of students from DMA club will initiate personal project that is related to what they had learnt.

Art and ICT lesson – Students trying to apply Art knowledge using DSLR camera and editing software to edit the photographs taken.

2016 alp 11

Art and ICT lesson – Art critique during Art lesson

2016 alp 12

Art and ICT lesson: Students trying out editing software to edit their photographs taken earlier. 

2016 alp 13

Art and ICT lesson: Trying out photography techniques learnt during ICT lesson.

2016 alp 14

Digital Media in Visual Arts (DMA) Club

The Digital Media in Visual Arts Club serves as an avenue for students to pursue their interest in digital media such as photography and videography as a CCA.

In Canberra Secondary school, we organise Photography competition once a year and this is open to other schools which is known as “National Young Shutterbug”. The objective of this event is to impart Digital Media skills to all primary schools (Cluster/National) in the area of digital photography. It is also to promote National Education values through cultural sites explorations and appreciation of the uniqueness in racial harmony within a multi-cultural society. Lastly we also want to promote Self-Directed learning and Collaborative Learning.

Students from DMA club will apply their skills to guide the participants to understand the inter-relationships between different disciplines of digital media design, to develop social cohesiveness and awareness on the importance of racial harmony and gaining knowledge in the rich cultural heritage that Singapore possessed. It will also help to develop self-directed and collaborative learning through setting of goals and finding the right tools and strategies to achieve them.

The programme benefited students because this experience will level-up their skills and competency in digital media design through better understanding of equipment controls, techniques with timely feedback by trainers. It also help students to apply the relevant skills and competency acquired immediately into practice in their role as student-trainers for each group.

Through DMA club, talented students will be further developed in their knowledge of digital media productions and will be sent for participations in the various competitions such as the Singapore Digital Media Awards (SDMA). This is aligned to specialist track under the tier two programme.

One of the photography competitions that DMA had participated in Amazing photo race event.

2016 alp 21

DMA students conducted photo workshop with their peers after attending Singapore photo conference student workshop.


2016 alp 22


The setup for “National Young Shutterbug” showcase at the Woodlands Regional library.

2016 alp 23