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Learning for Life Programme

The Active Holistic Health Advocates (AHHAs) Programme at Canberra Secondary School is closely aligned to the school’s vision: Every Canberran a Self-Directed Learner of Exemplary Character and Responsible Citizen with a Global Outlook. In nurturing our students to be life-long self-directed learners in both the cognitive and behavioural domains, we envision our students to grow and develop into committed and competent individuals who can influence and effect positive changes around them.

Through this programme, we aim to nurture students who can effectively take on active roles at home, in school and the community to contribute towards building a more pleasant and healthier environment and society. The programme comprises two tiers; where the approach in Tier One is to provide broad-based opportunities for all students, Tier Two focuses on students who demonstrate a higher level of interests and leadership qualities.

Tier One: Broad Based Opportunities

The approach of Tier One programme is in line with our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) level outcomes, with emphasis on the Self to World Concept 2016 llp 5

As the Secondary One students transit from Primary Six to Secondary One, we hope to imbue in them a sense of self-worth and help them realise the importance of learning how to ‘connect’ with themselves and the people around them through activities such as Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW). Students will learn about the importance of practising and advocating personal health within their family, school and the immediate community. The aspects of personal health includes personal hygiene, healthy eating and regular physical activities.
2016 llp 1

At Secondary Two, we hope to nurture the hearts of the students, to feel for those around them and see themselves helping to serve these needs. Students’ holistic health concerns will extend beyond the school community. They will learn about the importance of practising and advocating environmental health such as mosquitoes prevention and safety ambassadors in our neighbourhood.
2016 llp 2

At Secondary Three, students will understand the need to further sharpen their knowledge and skills so that they are able to contribute more significantly beyond self. Students’ holistic health advocating efforts will extend to a larger community focusing on addressing broader health issues at the nation-wide level such as Mental Wellness, Cyberwellness & Positive Use of Social Media, Tobacco Prevention and Education. Through the Global Canberrans Programme (GCP), students will also be involved in health-related Values-In-Action (VIA) activities to benefit the international community.
2016 llp 3

At Secondary Four/Five, students will possess strong desire to initiate ideas and take on projects based on their individual strengths and interests to impact a larger community. They will learn how to use data collection tools to gather information and identify needs of the community before carrying out projects to address these needs and benefit the community through self-initiated VIA activities. 2016 llp 4

Tier Two: Students who demonstrates a higher level of interests and leadership qualities

The school’s strong leadership and culture in school health promotion throughout the years since its inception in 2000 has been instrumental in the success of our health promotion efforts over the years. The school had received various awards in recognition of our significant and sustainable efforts towards the holistic health development of our students. These awards include sustained CHERISH Platinium Award and Green Audit Sustained Lotus Award.

The higher interest and ability group in Tier Two will comprise of students from the Health Nexus CCA, Student Councillors, and Classroom Leaders. Students will be trained and guided to take on larger roles to advocate holistic health at different levels within and beyond school to impact the larger community. The school will engage the different key stakeholders to provide support and expertise to help level-up students’ competencies to deliver their roles effectively.

Tier Two programmes aims to:

  • allow students to gain deeper understanding of the different aspects of healthy living and how their behaviours may positively or negatively influence others through sharing of the ‘Value of the Term’ and role-model behaviour of the classroom leaders.
  • hone their leadership skills and actively participate in planning, running and evaluating programmes aimed at improving the holistic health of school and the community through planning and leading of the school in ACES Workout and well-being Programme.
  • empower student leaders to make decisions, take actions and assume responsibilities to organise health-related initiatives in the school and the community such as taking lead in Mozzie Wipeout campaign, Good Health, Great Living event and FUNtastic ME! Programme with Endeavour Primary School.
  • gain confidence and decision making skills and use problem solving skills to discover ways to improve wellness in the school and the community through planning and implementing Fund-Raising Projects to benefit the needy as well as collaboration with NEAs & NParks e.g. Healthly messages at park connector, environmental conservation initiatives.