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Parent Support Group

The school believes in engaging Parent Support Group (PSG) to support the school in delivering holistic education to our students and seeks to develop effective partnerships with parents.

Parents from PSG are involved in a wide range of student-centred school activities. PSG supported Night Study Programme and Study Camp by providing refreshments. They were also actively involved in National Education programmes such as Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day, and National Day. PSG volunteered to join the school when it was involved in spreading the message on fighting the spread of dengue outbreak in Canberra ward during the Mozzie Wipeout Campaign.

To foster stronger ties with the school, PSG was invited to attend major school events, such as Good Health, Great Living @ Canberra, Sports Fest, Canberran Nights, National Day celebrations and Teachers' Day celebrations. PSG also organised an ‘Appreciation Lunch’ for all teachers on Teachers’ Day.

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