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School Family Education (SFE)

SFE is a holistic family learning programme which aims to equip parents with effective parenting skills, enhance the family life of school staff, and inculcate students with positive values  and attitudes towards the family. Since it started in 2002, SFE has reached out to more than 2 million people.  Almost all parents who have experienced the SFE programme affirm its effectiveness and would recommend it to other parents. Canberra Secondary School has been running the SFE programme since 2010.

How Can You and Your Child Benefit from the SFE programme?

You can: 

  • Gain more confidence in your parenting skills and connect better with your child. 
  • Learn how to enhance your marriage and work life harmony. 
  • Be part of  the Parent Support Group and the school community; and 
  • Be a parent ambassador and help other parents.

Your child can:

  • Learn positive and effective skills to improve child-parent relationship
  • Be more resilient and confident in coping with life’s demands; and
  • Have positive values and attitudes towards family, relationships and life in general.

What are some of the activities organised by SFE?

We offer an array of family life education programmes, from parenting and marriage talks and workshops to parent-child bonding activities. Here are some of our past events !