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Student Suggestion Scheme (3S)

What is the 3S?

The Student Suggestions Scheme (3S) is a means to encourage students to actively partake in the improvement of their study environment.  Tokens of appreciation will be given to students whose suggestions are accepted.

Why do we need 3S?

The basic philosophy behind the scheme is to encourage students to find meaning, interest and be part of growing or moving the school to greater heights.  Students should enjoy and learn as he participates in the decision-making process.  Being involved promotes identification and encourages commitment and ownership.

We believe that everyone has the ability to make suggestions to improve his school’s experience and environment. The 3S is a powerful tool to harness the ideas of students in schools.  An environment that encourages suggestions will bring about better communication and therefore greater unity and cohesion among the students and teachers.

What is a suggestion?

A suggestion is any idea initiated by a student to improve any area of her study environment.

When does my suggestion qualify for a token of appreciation?

You can get a token of appreciation when your suggestion contributes to improvement, no matter how small, to the efficiency and overall quality of school life.

A GOOD suggestion:

  • improves effectiveness or efficiency of the school process or system (event, programme, procedures, etc)
  • improves school environment/ facilities
  • saves costs, labour, material or time

However, no award will be given if a suggestion is impractical or too expensive to implement. Suggestions that state the problem but do not offer any solution or are too personal (for e.g. complaints) will also not be accepted.

How is a suggestion evaluated?

The Students Council together with the teachers in your school will evaluate your suggestions using the following 3 criteria:

i) Contribution to the school learning environment – This measures how relevant a suggestion is in bringing about the tangible and intangible benefits to the students and the school as a whole.
ii) Implementability - This states whether the students’ suggestions are easily implemented.
iii) Cost savings/Cost avoidance - This is calculated based on the net cost saving (cost of saving minus cost of implementation of a suggestion)

What are the guiding principles of the SSS?

i) All suggestions are to be evaluated on a fortnightly basis and feedback on the outcomes be given quickly to the suggestor.
ii) If a suggestion cannot be implemented, the student councilors will let the suggestor know the reasons for non-implementation.
iii) All suggestions are recognised, even if it is not implemented, so that the suggestor will gain confidence and give more and better quality suggestions in future.

What about implementation?

Accepted suggestion will be implemented to bring about REAL improvements.